Double Falsehood: Shakespeare, Stage Violence & Soundpainting

Double Falsehood: Shakespeare, Stage Violence & Soundpainting

Letter of Marque Theater Co. presents a workshop production of Lewis Theobald's Double Falsehood at South Oxford Space in Fort Greene, Brooklyn from May 14th to 16th.

With performer generated music under the direction of LoM's Nolan Kennedy, ensemble-driven storytelling and stage violence by Ben Peterson, this production promises to be one of the most original mountings of this obscure play. Directed by Andrew Borthwick-Leslie (Shakespeare & Co., Shakespeare Forum) and starring Ariel Estrada*, Tom Giordano*, Montana Lampert Hoover, Adam Huff, Nolan Kennedy, Zach Libresco, Poppy Liu, Welland H. Scripps, Scarlet Maressa Rivera.

Double Falsehood, written in 1727 and based off of original Shakespearean manuscripts, is a layered exploration of honor, rape, discourse, dishonesty, promises and love. The classical text follows the form of a standard 5 act Shakespearean comedy, surfeit with cross-dressing, anguished lovers, foibled fathers, heroic royalty and privy (yet silent) citizenry. It is a smart and scathing contrivance that demands dialogue around why, in nearly 300 years, our society continues to deal in violence, blame and victimization. This initial showing is part one of a three phase project designed to start the conversation and incite a change of perspective in young adults and our society as a whole.

Dates: Thursday through Saturday - May 14, 15, 16.

Time: Curtain at 8pm

Location: South Oxford Space, 138 South Oxford Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn NY 11217

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*Appearing courtesy of AEA. Equity Approved Showcase.