Kingsland Bar Brooklyn

Gin Bar in Williamsburg: Kingsland Brooklyn...

Gin Bar in Williamsburg: Kingsland Brooklyn


Brooke Smy and her partner M Kouger are opening an “unpretentious dance club” (just how we like ‘em) in their home neighborhood of Williamsburg — on Grand Street, to be exact (though it’s named after Kingsland Street). Kingsland Bar will feature the obligatory beer/shot combos, a classic cocktail menu that leans toward brown liquors, and a food menu that takes its cues from the south (“I’m from Texas and it’s my jam,” Smy explains) — though there’s also a Minnesota-inspired Jucy Lucy burger (you can choose which cheese to have packed into the patty).

Kingsland Brooklyn
524 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211