Multifunctional Furniture for small space - Loft Box 101

Multifunctional Furniture for Small Space | Loftbox 101 Foldable...

Multifunctional Furniture for Small Space | Loftbox 101 Foldable

Still unbuilt, the LoftBox by Atelier Graff seems like a good candidate for this second-generation approach to versatile interior and furniture design. More than just another multi-functional home furnishing, this piece uses minimal materials to create a separate-feeling spatial zone – an area one can use for small meetings, a phone call, personal workspace or other ‘space within a space’ needs.

When folded back up, it is as minimalist as can be – an unobtrusive-looking object that could be used as an ottoman or coffee table, left right out in the middle of a room without causing any visual or physical disturbances. In short: this idea appears to be on the right track, combining elements of creative modern functionality, basic luxury and the best space-saving concepts.
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