Hanging Shower Caddy - Shower Squid

Hanging Shower Caddy | Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces...

Hanging Shower Caddy | Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Go 20,000 leagues under the shower with this friendly squid, equipped with nine, adjustable tentacles for gripping your shampoo, soap and washing extras, without disappearing into the bathroom void! Wildly convenient, this functional creature even holds your bottles upside down, so you conquer every last drop. Made in China out of natural latex.

Designed to hold a soap case with the bar soap inside, not the soap alone.

Reason for 9 arms (rather than 8):
Each arm is actually the half of one long tube that has a loop in the end. The 9th arm is the other half of the arm that goes up through the head and becomes the attachment loop (for easy hanging). Recommended for indoor use only.