Empire State Building

The Milestone of Ambitions is Perfectly Represented by the Empire...

The Milestone of Ambitions is Perfectly Represented by the Empire State Building

The milestone of ambitions is perfectly represented by the Empire State Building located in Midtown Manhattan, New York. This building just shows that Sky is the limit, really! This famous 102 story skyscraper has 73 elevators and was constructed within 1 year and 45 days and the height of this lofty building is 381 meters (1250 ft). Visitors can enjoy the magnificent view from the building’s observation deck on the 86th floor.

This is a purely business spaces building and not for residential purposes. The main attraction of this place is its constructional beauty as this building possesses great historical significance and thus, it comes under the list of best places to visit in New York. Every year more than three million people come here.

This is a good place for tourists who love photography. Without taking a photo, the New York trip is incomplete. There is a beautiful light show at sunset. What makes the design so great is that for all its simplicity and sheer bulk it has a perfect composition and massing, giving the building a certain grandeur.