Pomander Walk

Pomander Walk Apartment Listing for 699K...

Pomander Walk Apartment Listing for 699K

2 Bed Room apartment, 10 Pomander Walk is listing on Trulia for $699,000. For those of you who don't know where or what Pomander Walk is, it's Magical. Hidden behind the gates between Broadway and West End, 94th and 95th street, this co-op apartment complex resembles a colonial European street. The name inspired from an early 20th century romantic comedy by Louis N. Parker it bears resemblance to the setting described in the play as "a retired crescent of five very small, old-fashioned houses near Chiswick, on the river-bank. Like the exact copies of Queen Anne mansions. It is as surprising as it is magical, being there is truly an escape from New York's regularly towering streets.

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photo credit: Sonja Stark

Pomander Walk
20 Pomander Walk
New York, NY 10025