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The Bushwick Collective - Horse
The Bushwick Collective
The Bushwick Collective - Mother
The Bushwick Collective - robots
The Bushwick Collective - James Gandolfini

Graffiti Street Art Gallery in Brooklyn - The Bushwick Collective...

Graffiti Street Art Gallery in Brooklyn - The Bushwick Collective From the corner of St. Nicholaus Avenue and Troutman Street, 50+ multicolor murals blankets the buildings transforming the area in to an "outdoor gallery" know as The Bushwick Collective. The walls donated by the neighborhood business owners attracts "artists starting from NY to artists from all over the world contributing there art". Welcoming everyday people like you and me with a strong inclination for creativity - consisting of writers, artisans, photographers, kids, teachers, essentially anyone who can contribute to this "family".
The Bushwick Collective
Saint Nicholas Avenue and Troutman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237