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The Cooper Hewitt Museum - New Experience

Future of Arts and Design: Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum NYC...

Future of Arts and Design: Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum NYC Housed in the former mansion of Andrew Carnegie, The Cooper Hewitt Museum is an interactive design experience and a dedication to the future of design. Recently expanded from 10,000 sq ft to 17,000 sq ft, the post renovation “New Experience” encompasses a variety of the nouveau showcases including interactive exhibitions using advanced digital technologies, an “immersion room” to view and interact with the collection of wall coverings and a “process lab” to brainstorm design solutions. All the displays find fresh and exciting ways to expose art to the public. You get to be hands on and wield high-tech tablets while channeling your own inner designer. And the very transformation and expansion (to 17,000 sq. feet of viewing space) of the Carnegie Mansion to the design show space is an exhibit unto itself. Adult tickets are $18, seniors, $12 and Students $9 at the door. Children under 18 are free, and everyone who buys online in advance gets a $2 discount. There are also a variety of annual memberships available that include free museum entry and other benefits as well.
The Cooper Hewitt Museum
2 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128