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Dear Irving

Cocktail Bar Lounge in NYC that Travels Through Time: Dear Irving...

Cocktail Bar Lounge in NYC that Travels Through Time: Dear Irving Dear Irving is a cocktail nest in the heart of Gramercy Park from the owners of the Raines Law Room. Benefiting from the renaissance of the classic cocktail drink, this watering hole provides a perfect oasis from the struggles of everyday life. With a gushing well of house created drinks, like "Whiskey Business", "Screaming Viking" and "Godfather Part 2", you are sure to fulfill your spirit as you imbibe theirs. The beautiful and cleverly decorated bar with each room individually themed from the golden eras of our time - is perfect for a variety of occasions including business meetings, dates or simply a drink on the town with a close friend. The atmosphere is open and inviting yet private enough for the most discriminating of tastes and clientele.

Cocktails at a premium

Of course, all this quality comes at a price. Drinks are not cheap, but also what you would expect by the glitzy standards. Specialty mixed cocktails run about $15 each, and the high quality, gourmet bar "nibble" such as chicken liver & foie gras parfait or Beetroot pickled beef tongue, ranges from $10-20 per dish. photo credit: Ju L.