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Nightcap Bar
Nightcap Sign

Underground Cocktail Bar in the Lower East Side: Nitecap...

Underground Cocktail Bar in the Lower East Side: Nitecap The perfect place to finish off your night on the town. Located in Lower East Side, Nitecap, a below ground level cocktail bar combines the allure of a speakeasy and ambiance of your neighborhood bar. The room -- all twinkling candle light and low-slung booths - encourages patrons to hunker down. In addition to your usual beer selections, an array of cocktails are mix and served by skilled cocktail artisans (not bartenders, cocktail artists...) who take great care in crafting dozens of a-la-mode cocktails or custom a-la-carte beverage of your choice. Try the Moon Suit—calvados, apple brandy, absinthe and bitters. (Might want to only have one of those.) photo credit: Nightcap