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Sweetwater Social

A Subway Themed, Drinking-Age Only Rec. Room in Greenwich Village...

A Subway Themed, Drinking-Age Only Rec. Room in Greenwich Village Sweetwater Social isn't just like any other bar, instead this unique drinking establishment offers up fun and games along with a wide selections of drinks to let the good times roll. From a foosball table to shuffleboard, Sweetwater Social is a place to kick back and enjoy a little friendly competition while nibbling on the bar snacks or tasting one of the concoctions mixed up from over 300 spirits offered. Cocktails have some loosely themed selections like "Day at the Races" and "Ticker Tape". The food lets you enjoy Mini Corn Dogs, the Bleecker Burger or a lighter fare such as the Yellowtail Crudo and Petite Celery salad. Unlike your friend's basement, you can have as many friends and girls over as you like, top-shelf spirits instead of cheap beers and feel free to turn up the volume.
Sweetwater Social
643 Broadway
New York, NY 10012