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Soundview Park field
Soundview Park waterfront
Soundview Park Aerial

Soundview Park | Best Rest and Relaxation Park in the Bronx...

Soundview Park | Best Rest and Relaxation Park in the Bronx Soundview Park can be found in New York City at the point where the Bronx River joins the East River. This park was once a 93 acre marshland that has gone through a long history of development to get to where it is today. Now the park is enjoyed by locals for its wonderful offerings of sports fields, which range from basketball courts and handball courts to a cricket pitch. Many people also enjoy the serenity of the view across Hunts Point into the heart of Manhattan. To many Soundview Park is considered 'The Gateway to the Bronx River'. Friends of Soundview is bringing Soundview Park Arts and Music Festival, Summer 2014
Soundview Park
461 Commonwealth Ave
Bronx, NY 10473