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Aqual Cycling

Aqua Cycling - Underwater Cycling Exercise in Tribeca: AQUA Studio...

Aquatic exercise + spinning on an aqua cycle

Aqua Cycling - Underwater Cycling Exercise in Tribeca: AQUA Studio Aqua cycling or aquacycling is exactly what you imagine - an underwater cycling / spinning work out for your body and your mind. With integration of the water fitness routine, it's like spinning and yoga at the same time. Doing this water based exercise can burn you up to 800 cal an hour. A great route to get rid of unwanted cellulite. The hydrostatic pressure of water combined with cycling movement considerably increase your blood flow and circulation. If you are an athlete in recovery, a pregnant woman or you simply want to preserve the most precious thing you own, your body, aqua cycling will be a fitness routine that you will be amazed by. AQUA Studio is the first & only Aqua cycling studio in NYC, located in Tribeca.
Aqua Studio (Tribeca Studio)
78 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013