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La Vara

La Vara - Award Winning Tapas Restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn...

La Vara - Award Winning Tapas Restaurant in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn GQ
La Vara doesn't feel romantic, except on a warm night when you might enjoy sitting outside on the tree-lined Cobble Hill street, waiting for your table. It doesn't look particularly romantic, either, unless brick walls make your heart skip. But Spanish cuisine always seems a little dreamy, and here you can try dish after dish of food that's vaguely familiar but not quite like anything you've had before. It's ideal for a first date. Your partner will think he or she has been taken to another part of the world. Even better, when the magnificent, fresh, bright red Spanish prawns in a preserved-lemon sauce come to the table, reenact the legendary eating scene from the film Tom Jones. Suck on the heads. Slurp a little. Gaze seductively. You'll crave each other, unless of course you'd rather have another order of prawns.