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The Book of Mormon

Hilariously Obscene Broadway Musical - The Book of Mormon NYC...

Hilariously Obscene Broadway Musical - The Book of Mormon NYC From the maker of South Park, The Book of Mormon is unequivocally pee-in-pants hilarious, outrageous and shocking which you'd expect. What you do not have seen coming is Matt Stone and Trey Parker bringing the perfectly refined Broadway musical with energetic and elaborate dancing, catchy tunes, and production standard that has the balls of just about anything. An exhilarating Broadway musical at once revolutionary and classic, hilarious and humane, funny and obscene with an "insight into the nature of faith and the American hubris of spreading our brand of magic and lies all over the globe". The Book of Mormon sets a new gold standard in Broadway and is on its way into legend.
The Book of Mormon
230 West 49th Street
Eugene O'Neill Theatre
New York, NY 10019