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Goa Taco
Goa Vegetarian Taco
Goa Taco

Indian-Style Taco at Smorg Jr.: Goa Taco...

Indian-Style Taco at Smorg Jr.: Goa Taco Goa Taco, an Indian-Mexican taco joint launched along with 8 other miniature stall-vendors at Smorg Jr., part of Park Slope Flea. Serving Paratha taco, a buttery, flaky, croissant-like flat-bread in place of the traditional corn or flour-based tortilla - a snapshot of the delectable fillings include crispy-skinned Chinese five-spice duck topped with Chinese pickles and corn salsa / charcoal-roasted pork with pickled red cabbage and chipotle mayo. photo credit: Goa Taco