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Vanessa's Dumpling House, Chinese Restaurant in New York, East Village - New York, NY 10003 - (212) 529-1328

The Best Dumpling Deals in Chinatown - Dumpling House...

The Best Dumpling Deals in Chinatown - Dumpling House No question Dumpling House is the best meal deal in Chinatown. Everything is cooked before your eyes and nothing costs more than three bucks. You can fight for a counter seat—there are only six—but you're better off getting in line and ordering at the takeout window. Zagat: These "always busy" dumpling dispensers offer a "yummy" namesake specialty that's fried or steamed while you wait; the barely "utilitarian" setups feature minimal seating and service is "insouciant" at best, but they're hard to beat for a "fast, filling", "dirt-cheap" nosh.
Vanessa's Dumpling House
118 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002