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momofuku noodle bar superbowl menu
ma peche superbowl menu
momofuku ssam bar superbowl menu

Superbowl Party Favors by Momofuku...

Superbowl Party Favors by Momofuku Eaters
SUPER BOWL 2014 — Several members of the Momofuku family are offering Super Bowl takeout packages. At Ma Peche the menu includes glazed lamb ribs and pork buns, while Noodle Bar has ginger scallion noodles and nugget potatoes, and Ssam Bar is offering bo ssam with a side of loaded nachos. All packages also involve chicken wings and serve eight to 10 people for $250 to $350. View the full menus and place orders online.
Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 first avenue
New York, NY 10003